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Posted on: October 1, 2018

What are You Doing with Your Leaves this Fall? Leave vs Rake?

Consider these river-friendly options:

Leave It: mulch leaves by running over them with your lawn mower. Leaves & grass clippings are a great natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Rake It:
leaves & yard waste must be placed in brown paper composting bags or in a trash container clearly marked “YARD WASTE” or “COMPOST” and are picked up curbside weekly until December 15th. Yard Waste labels are available at Township Hall. Never rake leaves into or near storm drains, ditches, creeks, or the river. Decaying leaves use up the water’s oxygen, harming aquatic inhabitants. 

Or… Rake it and Leave it:
Rake leaves into a compost pile for a nutrient-rich fertilizer to use in your garden next spring.
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