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Tax Comparison Ordered by Millage Rate: Washtenaw County
Washtenaw County Total Tax Rates Comparison

Tax Comparison Ordered by Population: Washtenaw County
Millage Rates by Population
While having the third highest population amongst Washtenaw County municipalities providing comparable services to it's residents, Pittsfield Township has the sixth lowest Total Tax Rate.

The Pittsfield Township 2019 Total Tax Rate of 6.4381 breaks down in the following way:
•  General Fund: 4.0989 mills
•  Parks: 0.4662 mills
•  Public Safety: 1.8730 mills

  • The City of Ann Arbor & Pittsfield Charter Township are the ONLY full service municipalities in Washtenaw County providing direct police, fire, water, sewer, parks, and recreation services to the community.
  • City of Ann Arbor's park millage equivalent is 1.0594. Ypsilanti Township levies .9966 for parks/roads.

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Tax Comparison: Washtenaw County's Charter Townships
Charter Township Millage Rate Comparisons

Pittsfield Township 1985-2019 Equalized Values 
1985 to 2019 SEV and TV

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