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Millage Information
millage rates
(Only Ann Arbor and Pittsfield Charter Township Provides Direct Police, Fire, E911, Water & Sewer, Parks, Recreation and Greenways)

Pittsfield Charter Township offers a full service community with one of the lowest millage rates.

 Pittsfield Township tax rate of 6.5479 (2016) breaks down as follows:

  • General Fund     4.1286
  • Parks & Rec      0.4822
  • Public Safety     1.9371
2017 Summer Tax Millage Rates2.png

                                                                                                   PRE="Principal" Residence Exemption

Pittsfield Charter Township issues the summer tax bill on July 1st. This chart lists all of the tax entities included in the summer tax bill. It is important to note that both Ann Arbor and Milan School Districts collects 50% of the school tax in the summer and 50% in the winter. Saline Schools collect the entire school tax in the summer. These funds are collected by Pittsfield Charter Township, and then distributed to the taxing entities listed above.

Pittsfield Charter Township has no taxes on the summer tax bill. Township taxes are only on the winter bill. The only funds that the Township retains on the summer tax bill is the 1% administration fee.

You can learn more about each taxing entity by visiting our website and viewing “A closer look at your tax bill”.

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