Washtenaw Heights Water Main Replacement

Project Status Update: Thursday, April 28, 2011 | Project Complete

The Washtenaw Heights Water Main Replacement Project is now complete, however, residents may have noticed the settling of ground in and around their property where excavation occurred.

The township would like to reassure residents that their property will be restored. We are aware of the problem areas and, as weather permits, each property requiring attention will be addressed by the contractor.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Department of Utilities and Municipal Services at 734.822.3105.

Project Status Update: Monday, November 29, 2010

The Washtenaw Heights Water Main Project is now complete, barring any issues that may arise during the winter months. You may see the contractor or township personnel occasionally on-site to address minor issues, however all services and water mains have been energized, restoration is complete, and the pavement has been replaced. If there is settling in the area of excavation in your yard, it will be taken care of in the spring by the contractor. An overall project evaluation will be conducted in the spring to address any final issues. If you notice a problem please do not hesitate to call our office at 734.822.3105.

We would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation during this project and wish you Happy Holidays.

Project Completion

Substantial completion for the project is scheduled for November 1. This means that all infra-structural improvements related to the project will be completed by this date, barring unforeseen circumstances including pavement repairs and replacements.

Due to the growing season nearing its end (November 1) all areas where vegetation has not been reestablished will be addressed next spring (April / May of 2011).

We would like to thank you for your patience during this project. Should you have any questions, please contact the Utilities Department at 734.822.3105, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm

Project Status Update: Friday, October 1, 2010

All of the water main has been installed, tested, and accepted with the exception of the Packard water main. Water services have been reinstated up through Torrey. The contractor expects to have all services reinstated by October 15th. The majority of the lawn restoration has been completed from Crystal through Oakdale. Existing old water main has been abandoned from Crystal through Seminole. In the month of October, the contractor will focus on transferring remaining water services and final restoration of roads, sidewalks, yards, and landscaping. Permanent seeding that is not completed in October will be temporarily seeded and mulched. The contractor plans on completing the project (less follow-up restoration in May 2011) by the week of November 2, 2010.

Lining of the 12-inch water main is complete on Packard Road. The contractor is currently tying in the new water main on the side streets to the newly lined water main on Packard. The contractor plans on completing all work and restoration in the month of October.

Project Status Update: Monday, August 23, 2010

All water mains have been installed, and testing remains ongoing. The water service installation is currently on Oakdale Drive and will proceed to the following: Seminole Road, Hawks Avenue, Torrey Avenue, Deake Avenue, and Foster Avenue. The restoration has been completed through Carlton Drive, and seeding will resume on September 1, 2010. Upon abandoning of the old water main, all old hydrants will be removed.

The lining of the 12-inch water main on Washtenaw Avenue is complete and the roadway is open to full width traffic. The temporary water service (blue piping) is now energized. This will remain active until the water main lining along Packard Road is complete. The completion date remains at September 9, 2010. All bituminous driveway repairs on Washtenaw Avenue will be repaired toward the end of October 2010.

Project Status Update: Friday, August 6, 2010

All water mains have been installed and tested. The water services have been completed and reinstated from Crystal heading east to Dalton. The majority of the restoration has been completed from Crystal heading east to Carlton, and the old hydrants throughout the project will be removed upon energizing the new water main and removal of the old main. In the month of August, the contractor will focus on transferring water services to the new main and begin restoration. Seeding cannot occur until the next planting season (late August / early September.) The lining of the 12-inch water main on Washtenaw Avenue is complete. The majority of the concrete work has been completed and Washtenaw Avenue is now open to full width traffic. The temporary water service (blue piping) is now active along Packard Road. The temporary water service will be utilized until the 12-inch water main along Packard Road is complete. In the month of August, the contractor will focus on cleaning and lining the existing water main on Packard Road.

Project Status Update: Monday, May 17, 2010

We will be moving further east with the second leg of the Washtenaw water main shut down. Today, we are shutting down the section from Hawks to Foster. By mid-week we will work our way to Golfside. So, by Friday the entire stretch of Washtenaw from Carpenter to Golfside will be shut down for cleaning and lining. Again, hydrants on the north side of Washtenaw will be in service, and all hydrants on the south are out of service. The Fer-Pal group has cleaned and lined from Carpenter to Dayton thus far.

Project Status Update: Monday, May 3, 2010

We are now moving into our fourth month of operation on the water main replacement project. As of this morning, we have installed over 60% of the total pipe for the project. Hydrants and valves are installed along the western streets within the subdivision. Chlorination and bacteriological testing of the new water main has also began, which has us one step closer to connecting your service lines.

The water main rehab project (Washtenaw and Packard) launched on the fifth of April, and is rapidly progressing. Currently the Fer-Pal group is working to isolate the Washtenaw water main to begin lining that water main early next week.

Project Status Update: Friday, February 19, 2010

Full Bore has installed almost 1500 feet of pipe on Central and Crystal to date. Appurtenances such as fire hydrants and valves are starting to appear as the work progresses.

Project Status Update: Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A recent progress meeting was held with Pittsfield Township staff and Verdeterre Contracting regarding the Washtenaw Height's water main renewal. This massive project will officially begin next Monday, February 8, 2010. Work will start on Central and Carpenter and progress east on Central to Foster during the next several weeks.

The initial work will mainly consist of pot hole boring, which is a method of locating underground services with the use of a Vactor-type vehicle. This vehicle opens up holes by vacuuming the ground to expose buried utilities, sewers, etc. After these underground facilities are located, the actual boring of the water main will begin. This process will take several weeks to complete, and work will move on to the north and south roads within the subdivision. The tentative schedule for the north and south roads will begin on Crystal shortly after Central is complete.

For more information please contact:

Craig Lyon
Utilities and Municipal Services Director
Phone: 734.822.2109
Phil Maly
Phone: 734.368.3124

Pittsfield Charter Township Receives $3.138M to upgrade Washtenaw Heights Water Main System

Ann Arbor (December 30, 2009) - Supervisor Mandy Grewal recently received the official confirmation that Pittsfield Charter Township will receive $3.138 million dollars towards the renewal of the aging water main system in the northeast corner of the township. "The diligence of our Utilities Director, Mike Luptowski, made the difference in Pittsfield Township's receipt of an award that will shave the cost of this project by 40%," noted Grewal.

With an eye towards being "shovel ready" for stimulus funds, engineering was completed for this project early in the year. "Knowing that ARRA money was likely to become available for this critical infrastructure upgrade, Mike and the Township engineer, Damien Wetzel of Stantec Engineering, got ahead of the curve, worked the process, and bird dogged the details for almost a year. They hit a home run for the Township and the residents in the Washtenaw Heights neighborhood," Supervisor Grewal praised.

"This is the biggest pipe project in the state, and it will now cost 40% less," enthused Luptowski.

The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) is a low-interest loan program created to assist Michigan water suppliers in satisfying requirements of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.