ReImagine Washtenaw

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The ReImagine Washtenaw initiative is a cooperative, multi-jurisdictional planning, place-making, transportation, and economic development effort that has been led by a multitude of local and regional stakeholders since 2009. In October 2014, Pittsfield Township adopted the Corridor Improvement Study that encapsulates the regional vision for the Washtenaw Avenue corridor.

One of the major nodes along the corridor, located in Pittsfield, is Washtenaw/Golfside, which has also been designated as a mixed-use node in Pittsfield Township's Master Plan. Working with our adjoining municipality of Ypsilanti Township, Pittsfield adopted design guidelines for the Washtenaw/Golfside node such that they comply with Pittsfield's Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance guidelines along with the regional vision for ReImagine Washtenaw.