2011 Public Safety Milllage

2011 Public Safety Millage Banner

On May 3, 2011 Pittsfield Township residents voted to approve the 1.95 Public Safety Millage that will be effective 2012-2021.



View the PDF of the Public Safety Millage Forum presentation.


The reason we are asking for a higher millage is to compensate for declining revenues and a commitment to maintaining existing level of services.

  • Nearly 60% of the cost for police, fire, and dispatch services is drawn from the Township's General Fund. The ability to continue supporting public safety services at this level has been severely compromised in recent years because of cutbacks in revenue sharing by the state, fall interest revenues, and a general fund that was burdened, in the last 10 years, by debt as a result of numerous land purchases.
  • The remaining 40% is drawn from the Public Safety Millage Fund (which is currently set at 1.0 mill and expires this year.) As a result of the General Fund's reduced ability to support public safety services, the costs have been shifting over to the Public Safety Millage in the last few years, which is going to need more revenues to maintain existing level of services.

Why 1.95 mills?

Declining Revenues and Increasing Demand & Costs

*Jobs are estimated to grow, between 2005-2035, from 19,889 to 29,339
** This is all-inclusive; including costs for equipment, vehicles, maintenance, and personnel.

How does 1.95 mills impact my budget?

On average, residents are paying $8.54/month for a 1.0 mill. With 1.95 mill, you will pay, on average, $16.66/month. This amounts to a difference of about $8/month. The 1.95 mill translates to 54¢ a day.

How does Pittsfield Township Compare?

Pittsfield Township has one of the lowest crime rates in Washtenaw County AND one of the lowest costs of providing public safety services.

ps millage comps

*Police costs only

Costs for Public Safety Employees, 2011

Costs for Public Safety Employees 2011

*In a show of partnership and commitment to maintaining existing level of services, most public safety personnel accepted 0% wage increases.

Union contracts were settled in 2010, within a period of six months, for five years.

Costs for General Fund Employees, 2011

Costs for General Fund Employees 2011

General Fund Administrative Cost Savings in 2011

General Fund Administrative Cost Savings 2011

As a result of such administrative controls, Standard & Poor's upgraded Pittsfield Township's bond rating to its second highest category of 'AA'


What Services Can I Expect with 1.95 mills?

Service Profile

*Reducing staffing of the fire department will raise Pittsfield's ISO rating that will, in turn, be reflected in higher insurance rates which could be as much as 10% per household per year.


Crime Rates from 2008-2010

At a time when most communities are seeing an increase in crime, crime rates in Pittsfield Township have declined in the past two years because of our heavy engagement with the community and a focus on crime prevention.

2008 - 2010 Crime Rates

In order to continue providing you with one of the cheapest and most responsive police, fire, and dispatch services that ensure one of the lowest crime rates in Washtenaw, we require 1.95 mills.