As part of Pittsfield Township's commitment, since 2009, to establish a robust multi-modal transportation network, we have worked toward improving and expanding transit services in the densely populated areas of our community.
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Select the images above to view maps of AAATA routes & the FlexRide service area within the township. 
All fixed-routes serving Pittsfield Township: View individual route maps & pick-up/drop-off times here.
  • Route 4 - Washtenaw Avenue
  • Route 5 - Packard Road
  • Route 6 - Ellsworth Road
  • Route 24 - S. Main-East
  • Route 25 - Ann Arbor-Saline Road
  • Route 27 - W. Stadium Boulevard-Oak Valley Dr
  • Route 66 - Carpenter Road-Huron Parkway

New for the summer of 2019: FlexRide On-Demand Service

  • The FlexRide service replaces fixed-routes 61 and 67, providing connections to routes 5, 6, and 66.
  • The FlexRide service area is between Ellsworth, Munger, Merritt, and Lohr Roads
  • Fare is $1 per trip, one way. Seniors and individuals with disabilities pay $0.50 per trip, one way. Additional reduced fare information is available at
  • Rides can be reserved at, by calling TheRide at 734.794.0377, or by using the MODE Car app.
  • FlexRide service is available Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, offering same-day & next-day reservations.
Working with the regional effort to implement transit services in Washtenaw County, Pittsfield has added new routes to provide accessibility, among other things, to its municipal buildings and those who need transit for employment and daily services. In addition, we have expanded the on-demand A-Ride services to provide full coverage in the northwest and northeast parts of Pittsfield. In the summer of 2019 the new FlexRide on-demand transportation service was introduced in the township. Route 61 (Airport-Avis Farms) and Route 67 (Platt-Michigan Avenue) have been replaced by the FlexRide on-demand transportation service, providing connections to Routes 5 (Packard Road), 6 (Ellsworth Road), and 66 (Carpenter Road-Huron Parkway.) FlexRide now provides service anywhere in Pittsfield Township between Ellsworth, Merritt, Lohr and Munger Roads.
Pittsfield has deployed a unique model of paying for these services through a Purchase of Service Agreement (POSA) with the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (AAATA) that is approved annually by the Board of Trustees (BOT). This approval is based on feedback obtained from AAATA through the previous year, as part of their BOT meeting update presentations regarding ridership and overall operations. This allows us to ensure we are maximizing the use of general fund dollars, which are used to pay for the POSA, by focusing on routes that have adequate ridership and, of course, not placing a tax burden on all township residents.