Grant Funding

For the first time in Pittsfield Township's history and setting a high bar for ourselves and other local municipalities, since 2009, Pittsfield Township has received over $50 million in grant funds. In 2009 in the face of the Great Recession, we adopted an aggressive approach to applying for grant funds as part of our strategy aimed at maintaining strong fiscal health without cutting any public services. Not only have we been successful in meeting those dual objectives despite the steep declines in revenues during the Great Recession, we have leveraged grant funds to improve and expand on public services offered to Pittsfield Township residents and businesses.

Specifically, we have used the approximately $50 million in grant funds to invest in the establishment of a robust multi-modal transportation network that includes greenways, sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, and public transit. We have expanded open/green space preservation, established a farmers market and a vibrant network of neighborhood parks that support a variety of green infrastructure initiatives such as tree canopies, rain gardens, pollinator gardens, and bioswales. Grants funds have also allowed us to improve our public safety services, invest in sewer and water infrastructure, invest in local road maintenance, and install gateway signs and electric charging stations.

Moving forward, our goal is to receive larger federal and state grants for agricultural and green space preservation, organic farming, park space acquisition and development, traffic congestion mitigation and retrofitting our transportation network to provide for even more non-motorized amenities. If you have any suggestions for us, please don't hesitate to contact us at: 734.822.3135 or