The Finance Department reports to the Township Clerk and provides three key functions for the Township:
  • Accounting
  • Accounts payable
  • Payroll
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The Clerk's Office is required to keep a separate account for each of the funds belonging to the Township, and must prepare and maintain the journals and ledgers necessary to reflect the assets, liabilities, fund equities, revenues, and expenditures for each fund of the Township.


  • Maintain compliance with all generally accepted governmental accounting procedures
  • Provide financial reporting, forecast reporting, bank reconciliations, transaction entries, supplementary reports, and record keeping
  • Provide fixed asset management
  • Work with department heads and elected officials to gather information to help in the preparation and maintenance of the annual budgets, audits, and policies

Accounts Payable

  • Maintain records
  • Provide 1099s
  • Record and make payments of expenditures for each department and each fund
  • Submit reports of checks to the Board for approval


  • Maintain payroll records
  • Process payroll for all employees, commissioners, and Board members
  • Report and process payroll taxes to federal, state, and local agencies