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CLUE – PARKS & REC EDITION – Family Fun! October 1 – October 31

Oh no! The quarantine has finally caused the Pittsfield Township Parks & Recreation team to snap…they can't take it anymore, and they must find Dr. Fun! Tired of all the cancellations of their fun activities for the community, the Parks & Rec team has decided that enough is enough! Dr. Fun has been hiding from the evil Dr. Covid, and must be found. We need your help to do it, are YOU a good enough detective to solve these mysteries: WHO FOUND DR. FUN?



Clues will be hidden along Lillie Park South trails, Montibeller nature trails, Marsh View Meadows trails, and Hickory Woods trails to help solve the mystery of who found Dr. Fun. There are no more than 6 CLUEs in the trails.

Search for clues at the parks that will mention a staff member searching for Dr. Fun, a mystery tool, or a location that may have been used to find Dr. Fun. You will need to walk, bike, or run on each path to make sure you don't miss any evidence! Be sure to maintain appropriate social distancing while you investigate, and please do not touch or remove clues.

View your receipt to see the attached Clue Parks & Rec Edition Worksheets to check off the clues you have located, plus park maps. 

Once you figure out the mystery, visit Pittsfield Charter Township Facebook page and post that you solved the mystery, and how many detectives are in your family (no spoilers for other detectives who are still looking!). Or email

All winners get a prize, and one lucky family will be drawn to win a special Grand Prize!

Happy sleuthing!

Registration is required to get worksheets.


 Everyone must wear a mask, and most importantly, do NOT attend if you are feeling ill.