MIGreenPower Challenge

In April 2020 we rolled out the MIGreenPower challenge, designed to place Pittsfield Township as the first community in Washtenaw County to acquire the majority of its energy from renewable sources. We are excited to report that, thanks to the partnership of our community, nearly 600 DTE residential and business customers have enrolled in the MIGreen program, which signifies a 230% increase in use of renewable (wind/solar) energy and a corresponding decline in use of fossil fuels! If you'd like to participate, you can learn more about the MI Green program.

What is MIGreenPower?

With MIGreenPower, a simple commitment helps you decrease your impact on the environment and increase your support of renewable energy. MIGreenPower allows customers to participate in DTE's solar and wind projects, without having to build or maintain your own system. When you sign up for MIGreenPower, you're joining a community of more than 11,500 Michiganders who support local, clean energy. Together, we can make a real impact.

How does the program work?

  1. Choose your participation level – Enroll in MIGreenPower at 5% increments beyond the 12.5% of clean energy DTE already provides in your daily energy mix.
  2. Enroll easily – Sign up on DTE's MIGreenPower webpage or call DTE at 855.613.4445.

Why choose MIGreenPower?

  • It's affordable – You can make a positive environmental impact for less than it costs to buy a cup of coffee.
  • It's local – Your participation supports the development of Michigan-made renewable energy.
  • It's impactful – MIGreenPower subscribers have avoided carbon emissions of more than 48,626 metric tons, the greenhouse gas benefit equivalent of taking 10,502 cars off the road for a year.
  • It's flexible – You can change your enrollment level at any time, and there is no long-term commitment to enroll.