EV Charging Stations

With renewable energy as an important component of the Sustainability Blueprint, adopted unanimously by the Pittsfield Township Board of Trustees in March 2020, Pittsfield Township has significantly increased its investment in the same. For instance, we have hosted a solar forum and rolled out the MIGreenPower Challenge. In addition, in June, we completed the installation of two (2) electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, each with two ports, for a total of four (4) charging ports.

With the installation of these EV charging stations, Pittsfield Township became the first community in Washtenaw County to avail itself of the $5,000/EV charging station installation rebate being offered by DTE.

It is our hope that steps such as these not only provide another eco-conscious demonstration project at Township Hall and public service to area residents but that it will also move us in the direction of converting Pittsfield Township's fleet to EVs to help reduce carbon emissions and further improve air quality in our community.

The charging stations are located at the parking lot of the Township Administration Building, available for use by the general public. Based on the regional comparison, the public's cost for the use of one charging port is $0.20/kWh with a minimum charge of $1.00 and a maximum of $10.00. Customers can use the ChargePoint app to access the charging stations.

As it has since 2009, Pittsfield Township is forging forward with its overall goal of reducing carbon emissions to improve air quality and environmental stewardship by partnering with Pittsfield Township residents and businesses, this time around through initiatives anchored on promoting the transition to renewable energy use.

EV Charging Station