2021 Public Safety Millage Request

On June 24th we held a Public Forum to get information, answer questions, and get your feedback regarding the Public Safety Millage Request that will appear on the November 2, 2021 ballot. If you were unable to attend the meeting, you can watch the video below or view the presentation.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at publicsafety@pittsfield-mi.gov.

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The current 10-year public safety millage, set at 1.95, expires this year. We are seeking a millage renewal request 3 main reasons:

  • To ensure the safety of our growing community: more people need more police and fire services to provide for their safety. We cannot afford to add personnel for the nearly 10,000 new Pittsfield Township residents since 2011 without a higher revenue stream.
  • This growth and development and associated increases to the General Fund have allowed it to cover public safety costs. Currently, 60% of public safety revenue comes from the General Fund. However, as the Township looks to slow down development and focus more on preservation and with the County public safety and mental health millage set to expire in 5 years, a dedicated source of revenue is essential to provide for public safety.
  • To sustain our current standard of an average response time of 5 minutes or less while having more resources to: (a) Expand social and racial justice initiatives; and (b) Work with social workers and other partners to more effectively address opioid and mental health issues as they relate to public safety.

The proposed Public Safety Millage will not significantly alter Pittsfield Township's status as having one of the lowest tax rates in Washtenaw County while being one of only two full-service municipalities providing water, sewer, rubbish, parks and recreation, public safety (police and fire), assessing, and building services.

Failure to approve the Public Safety Millage will require Pittsfield Township to reduce its services to our community ranging from police and fire to community development and sustainability. For police and fire it will likely include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Eliminate six (6) police officers
  • Eliminate four (4) firefighters
  • Maintain or cut salaries that will impact the quality of our workforce
  • Defer our racial equity initiatives and programs
  • Reduce essential training for police and fire personnel
  • Extend equipment and vehicle lifespan beyond accepted best practice and standards
  • More reactive police/fire responses & longer response times
  • Reduce attendance at community events.
  1. Fiscal Stewardship
  2. Millage Rate Comparison
  3. Planning for the Future

Our fiscal stewardship of your tax dollars, over the past decade, is borne out by the fact that we:

For the last 10 consecutive years, Pittsfield Township has received the award of excellence in financial reporting, the highest form of recognition from the Governors Finance Officers Association (GFOA.)

Pittsfield Township is the only Township in all of Washtenaw County to receive this distinguished award on a continual basis over the past decade.

Number of Authorized Personnel vs. Population

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Department of Public Safety Revenues & Expenditures
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Pittsfield Township Revenues, Expenditures & Fund Balance

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