DPS Training

DPS Training Received

Community Policing & Public Engagement

Year(s)Training Type
2013CPAM Conference 
2013Problem Oriented Policing Conference 
2013Approaching Alzheimer’s – Law Enforcement Response 
2013Policing with Pride and Integrity 
2014Child Safety Seat Training 
2014CPTED Practitioner Training 
2014TEAM Training 
2014Cultural Competencies Training 
2014Partnership for Safe Schools 
2015Advanced SRO School 
2015Child Seat Workshop 
2015Color of Law Training 
2015LETR Training 
2015School Safety Summit 
2016Data Driven Policing Training 
2016Fair and Impartial Training 
2016Verbal Defense and Influence 
2017Autism Training 
2019Community Mental Health Crisis Response Team Training 
2019De-escalation Training 
2015-2019SEPLA Conference
2020De-escalation, Intervention & Force Mitigation 
2020Implicit Bias – Understanding its Impact on Actions & Decisions 
2020Professional Policing 

Mass Casualty Incidents

Year(s)Training Type
2013I.E.D. Tabletop Exercise U of M PD 
2013Lessons Learned From Active Shooters 
2015Aurora Colorado Shooting Seminar 
2017Beyond Sandy Hook Seminar 
2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
ALICE Active Shooter Training
2019ALICE Instructor Recertification Training 
2020Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents 

Patrol Division

Year(s)Training Type
2013Emergency Vehicle Response and Scene Safety
2013Field Training Conference
2014FD Training on Hazardous Materials in Buildings 
2015National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training 
2013, 2015Emergency Vehicle Operation 
2013, 2016Domestic Violence Training 
2015, 2016Pursuit Termination Technique Training 
2016Field Training Officer Software
2017New CAD / MDC Training
2016, 2018Washtenaw County Prosecutor Search Warrant & Domestic Violence 
2015-2017, 2019
Radar / Lidar Training
2014-2017, 2019
CPR / First Aid / Blood Born Pathogens / AED / Narcan
2016, 2020Field Training Officer Update
2020Field Training Officer School

Alcohol & Narcotics Enforcement 

YearsTraining Type
2013Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement 
2013Class III PBT training 
2014Highway Interdiction Training 
2016SFST Instructor School
2016Drug Recognition School 
Criminal Patrol / Drug Interdiction
2017Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment Training 
SFST / Data Master
2014, 2015, 2018ARIDE Training 

Investigations & Special Units

Year(s)Training Type
2013Railroad Crossing Grade Collision Investigation 
2013Hate Crime Investigation 
2013Transient Merchant Training 
2013Vehicle Theft and Fire Investigation 
2013Forensic Evidence CSC / DV 
2013Forensic Experience Trauma Interviewing 
2013Child Passenger Safety Workshop 
2013DB Crime Scene Processing 
2014Washtenaw County Gang Conference 
2014Cell Phone Forensics 
2014NWC3 Cyber Investigation Course 
2014Medicolegal Death Investigation 
2014Offender Watch Certification 
2014Human Trafficking Training 
2014CLEMIS Property and Evidence Room Training 
2014Community Bicycle Safety Training for Law Enforcement 
2013, 2014Michigan Liquor Law Enforcement Training 
2015UD-10 Training
2015NIBIN Training 
2015Computer Crimes Investigation 
2015Cyber Security Training 
2015Violent Crime Seminar 
2015Investigating Missing Children 
2015Neurobiology Of Sexual Assault 
2015Female Enforcers – Women in Law Enforcement 
2015Night time Photography 
2015Evidence Technician Training 
2013, 2015Basic SWAT School 
2014, 2015Raid Entry 
2014, 2015Child Death & Homicide Investigation 
2016Basic Data Recovery and Acquisitions 
2016Cellebrite Cellular Training 
2016Crime and IT Security Conference 
2016Intermediate Data Recovery and Acquisitions 
2016LEVA Level 1 Computer Forensic Training 
2016ZTEX Cell Phone Training 
2016Cold Case Homicide Investigation 
2016Michigan Biometrics Conference 
2016Child Abuse Investigation 
2016DRE – Testimony Training 
2016Basic Crime Scene Evidence Tech 
2016Evidence Technician Training 
2014-2016Surveillance School 
2015, 2016Advances in Forensic Medicine 
2017ARC – CSI Traffic Crash Conference 
2017Arson Investigation 
2017Blue Cross / Blue Shield Fraud Investigation 
2017DFAT Training 
2017WINART Training 
2017911 Homicide – Is the Caller the Killer 
2017Child Sex Abuse Training 
2017DRE Continuing Education Training 
2017Basic Bloodstain Pattern Training 
2017Comprehensive Crime Scene Photography Training 
2013-2015, 2017Cell Phone Technology Investigation 
2013, 2014, 2016, 2017Interview & Interrogation 
2013, 2014, 2017Forensic Interviewing of Children 
2013, 2016, 2017Evidence Room Management Training 
2013, 2016, 2017K9 Training 
2014-2017Homicide Investigations 
2014, 2017Sex Offender Training 
2018Evidence Technician Training 
2013, 2014, 2016, 2018Police Bike Training 
2013, 2015-2018Accident Investigation Training 
2013, 2018NAPCH K9 Certification Conference 
2016, 2018Mobil Field Force Training 
2017, 2018Rescue Task Force Training 
2019Investigative Techniques Using Social Networking Sites 
2019Evidence Technician Refresher Training 
2013-2015, 2019MSP Basic Investigator School 
2020Social Network Investigations Training 
2020Public Order Management 
2013-2020Rapid Response Unit Training 
2016-2020Metro SWAT 
2019, 2020TRU-NARC Drug Analyzer Training 

Management & Records

Year(s)Training Type
2013Discipline and Discipline Interviews 
2013FBI Executive Development 
2013Leadership Training 
2013Managing Criminal Investigation Units 
2013Performance Evaluation Training 
2014CrimeView Dashboard Training 
2014Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Course 
2015Command Leadership for FTO’s 
2015FBI National Academy 
2015Incident Command and NIMS 
2015Laser Fiche Training 
2015Microsoft Excel 
2014, 2015Labor Law Training 
2016FEMA and NIMS Incident Command 
2016CCH Reporting Training 
2017Department of Homeland Security Leadership Conference 
2017Leadership Skills Development Training 
2017Understanding State and Federal Firearm Disqualifying Incidents 
2017WatchGuard Video In-Car Online
2014, 2017MICR Training 
2018Accreditation Manager Training 
2018LEIN Tac Training 
2018MCOLES MITN Training 
2013, 2015, 2018F.O.I.A Training 
2014-2018Eastern Michigan University School of Police Staff & Command 
2014, 2018FBI – Michigan Police Executive Development Seminar 
2018, 2019MACP New Chief Executive School 
2014, 2020First Line Supervisor Training 

Officer Safety, Defensive Tactics, Firearms

Year(s)Training Type
2013Managing Fatal Force Encounters 
2013Street Survival – Officer Safety 
2013The Winning Mind 
2013, 2014PPCT Instructor 
2013, 2014Glock Armor School 
2014Designated Marksman School 
2014Less Lethal Instructor School 
2014Below 100 Training 
2014Strategic Planning – Avoiding Ready Shoot Aim 
2014Undercover Survival 
2014Valor Training 
2015Pistol Instructor School 
2015PPE / Baton Training 
2015Warriors Edge 
2016Conducting Electronic Weapons Legal Aspects 
2016Designated Marksmanship Training 
2016Shooting Skills Training – Instructor Course 
2016Officer Involved Shooting – Training 
2016Six Vigilance Training 
2016Visions of Courage 
2013, 2016Remington Shotgun Armor 
2017Human Terrain Mapping Training 
2017The Tactical Edge Patrol Stops Training 
2013, 2017Shayket Self Defense Training 
2015, 2017Taser Instructor 
2015, 2018M&P Armorer Training
2019SPEARS Defensive Tactics Training 
2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019AR-15 Armorer School 
2013-2020Online Firearms Training 
2013-2020Range Firearms Training 
2020Bullet Proof Mind

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