Green Infrastructure @ Northeast Pittsfield

Pittsfield Township will be the first community in the region to leverage the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) federal funding for installation of green infrastructure, beginning in 2022. This leveraging of grant monies will allow Pittsfield to continue expanding its Green Corridor initiative, established by Supervisor Grewal and her team a few years ago.

This project, to be implemented over multiple years at multiple locations in Northeast Pittsfield, will install green infrastructure, including but not limited to rain gardens, infiltration gardens/trenches, and bioswales. A total of ten (10) locations have been identified to meet the goal of helping reduce pollutants, improve stormwater runoff to enhance both water quality and visual aesthetics along Clark, Carpenter, Washtenaw, Packard, Golfside, and Ellsworth.

The project will be completed in three phases, with the first phase, comprising of design and engineering, being implemented in 2021. This work will also identify two phases of construction to align with CDBG funding amounts for the current and upcoming cycle. In other words, construction will occur when: (a) Easements have been approved/acquired, and (b) CDBG funding is available. It is expected that the entire project will occur over the 2021-2022/2023 period depending on the aforementioned two factors.

Northeast Green Infrastructure