Dr. Mandy Grewal has been serving as Supervisor of Pittsfield Charter Township since November 2008, where she is Chair of the Pittsfield Board of Trustees. Prior to being elected Supervisor, Dr. Grewal served two terms as Washtenaw County Commissioner representing Pittsfield Township during which time, she was appointed Vice-Chair of the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners and Chair of the Washtenaw County Planning Advisory Board. Supervisor Grewal has also served as a Commissioner on the Michigan Women's Commission. She has a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan; a graduate of the Michigan State University's Political Leadership Program; and a graduate of the Senior Executives in Local Government program at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

A 25+ year resident of Pittsfield Township, she is privileged to give back to her community by way of instituting and implementing a master plan vision that is committed to celebrating community by promoting agricultural and open space preservation, public gathering spaces, multi-modal transportation, historic and cultural diversity, infill and mixed-use development.

The Supervisor oversees the majority of Township administration. 

Supervisor Grewal serves as Vice-Chair of the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) where she is also a member of both the Executive Committee and the Finance & Budget Committee. She is a Board Director for Ann Arbor SPARK where she also Co-Chair’s the Public Sector Committee. Dr. Grewal was appointed, in 2021, by the Governor to serve on the Michigan Municipal Services Authority and, in 2022, was appointed to serve on the Board of the Michigan Planning Association.

Supervisor Grewal was awarded Outstanding Community Leader by the Michigan Chapter of the American Planning Association in fall 2018. She was also recognized as Volunteer of the Year by Ann Arbor SPARK in spring 2018.

Dr. Grewal is currently serving her fourth term as Supervisor of Pittsfield Charter Township, which has witnessed a population increase of about 15% and SEV growth to $3 Billion over the past 14 years. During this time, Pittsfield has received numerous awards and recognitions for its work around sustainability, preservation, infill development, and outstanding fiscal management which includes receipt of $50 million in grant funding.