The Planning Office is a part of the Municipal Services Department. Under a vision outlined by the township supervisor, the Planning Office is engaged in long-range comprehensive planning and zoning administration to enhance the vibrancy of Pittsfield by:

  • Promoting a multimodal transportation network that interconnects residential, commercial, business, open, recreational, retail, and cultural spaces
  • Striking a balance between preservation of open, recreational, green, and agricultural spaces with development of existing spaces through dense mix-uses


Staff assists residents and developers with permitting and development proposals to ensure that projects meet township standards and requirements and are consistent with the future vision for the township. The Planning Office is the liaison and the primary resource for information needed to make informed decisions for the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals.

Zoning Ordinance

undefined Opens in new window The 2015 Zoning Ordinance guides and regulates land use in Pittsfield. The document is a reflection of the vision established in the 2010 Pittsfield Master Plan insofar as it provides for, among other things, form-based design within our mixed-use nodes and promotes the economic viability of agriculture in Pittsfield. Specifically, the Zoning Ordinance establishes regulations such as setbacks, height, and density, as well as permitted uses of the land within the township.