Arts, Culture & Leisure

Subcommittee Charter

This component has not been targeted in any of the past Master Plans, and hence will require considerable input from the public and the arts community to define with the aim of developing a rich and vibrant cultural environment in Pittsfield. In particular, this subcommittee should strive to provide insight into enhancing community identity through the use of public art at township gateways and within public gathering spaces, promoting cultural events and activities, linking multicultural organizations to highlight the diversity of the community, and other such priorities.

Subcommittee Members

  • Lynne Friman, Chairperson, Arts Alliance Board, Envision Designs
  • Tom Dodd, Historical Commission Member
  • Kelly Koss, Pittsfield Township Assistant Planner
  • Patricia Scribner, Pittsfield Township Treasurer, Historical Commission / Society Member
  • Edward Wall, Historical Commission and ACEIP Member