Community Infrastructure

Subcommittee Charter

The subcommittee must focus on the variety of infrastructure that supports the township, such as utilities, roads and pathways, schools, parkland, communication facilities, and public safety. This subcommittee must consider what will be necessary to support the needs of the township in the future. It will be important to identify existing infrastructural limitations / capacities and desirable area(s) for potential growth / expansion. Special consideration must be given to the existing development patterns, projected growth, and the implications that the type and location of growth may have on the infrastructure.

Subcommittee Members

  • Paul Montagno, Chairperson, Pittsfield Township Senior Planner
  • Matthew Harshberger, Pittsfield Township Department of Public Safety Director
  • Michael Luptowski, Pittsfield Township Utilities Director
  • Kurt Weiland, Building Official
  • Damien Wetzel, Pittsfield Township Engineer, Stantec