Subcommittee Charter

The subcommittee should focus on best practices for building and development that have minimal impacts on the environment during both the construction process as well as the end use of a building or site. It will be important to identify a variety of best practices related to land use, transportation, green building practices, energy efficiency, storm water purification, low-impact design, and land preservation. It may also identify ways in which the township can be a resource to its residents to provide information to help individuals live more sustainable lives or connect them with existing programs that can be used to make their homes environmentally friendly.

Subcommittee Members

  • Kelly Koss, Chairperson, Pittsfield Township Assistant Planner
  • Ann Harris, Planning Commission Member
  • Jeremy McCallion, AKT Peerless
  • lshwar Naik, Pittsfield Township Resident
  • Matthew Payne, Planning Commission Vice Chairperson
  • Kurt Weiland, Building Official