Open Space, Agriculture & Natural Features

Subcommittee Charter

The subcommittee should focus on the protection and enhancement of strategically-located undeveloped land within Pittsfield. It will be important to identify open space, substantial woodlands, water features (such as streams and wetlands), and farmland within the township. It should explore the ways land development policies can affect various natural features. It will be important for the township to develop policies that can be used as a guide to evaluate development decisions and to create a code that will integrate environmentally-responsible development practices. It is expected to give direction in outlying an Open Space Preservation plan that will be included in the final plan documents.

Subcommittee Members

  • Fred Flynn, Chairperson, Pittsfield Natural Resource Stormwater Management Commission
  • Cleveland Chandler, Parks Commission Member, Zoning Board of Appeals Member
  • Daniel Cooperrider, Pittsfield Township Director of Parks and Recreation
  • Sue Lackey, Legacy Land Conservancy
  • Coy Vaughn, Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation
  • Dennis Wojcik, Washtenaw County Water Resources Commission (WCWRC)