Design Concepts - MUD

Students from the University of Michigan's Master of Urban Design Program created these concepts as part of our master planning process. Over a six week period students analyzed information about the township, reviewed input from the eight master plan subcommittees and from residents during the community workshops, and met with residents during a design workshop held on February 8, 2010. The students took the information they received and came up with design concepts that would help us re-imagine our community and generate conversation for the 2010 master plan.

The students' design concepts were based on their desire to preserve and accentuate our beautiful natural landscape within the Township. They wanted to emphasize the variety of open spaces and landscape types that we have in the township and use this to help create a cohesive identity for the township.


The students designs strive to:

  • Create non-motorized transportation connections
  • Incorporate principles of sustainable energy generation
  • Preserve undeveloped land
  • Strategìcally adding density to areas to provide for transit opportunities Create walkable nodes of mixed-use development

Overarching Concepts

Focus Areas