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The original item was published from 7/8/2021 9:58:00 AM to 7/20/2021 2:35:57 PM.

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Posted on: June 28, 2021

[ARCHIVED] How to handle Flooding Issues

Severe thunderstorms with intense rainfall overwhelmed the storm and sanitary sewerage systems over the weekend causing flooding in many areas including roadways, yards, and homes. The sanitary sewer was overwhelmed by the volume of the stormwater making its way into the sanitary through foundation drains. Our crews responded to reports in Washtenaw Heights over the weekend and found no blockages in the sanitary sewer. Site drainage does not always properly drain away from the homes causing stormwater to sit in yards and drains to the foundation instead of sheeting away from homes. 

The weather forecast shows more rain in the coming days so please continue to monitor conditions in your neighborhood. If your sanitary drain in the street is clogged, backing up due to heavy rainfall, or flooding into your yard please contact the Washtenaw County Water Resource Department who managed the storm drains at 734.222.6860. If you are experiencing a backup or flooding in your basement, please contact the Pittsfield Township Utilities Department immediately at 734.822.3105 or call 734.822.2107 after hours.

We are currently asking homeowners of all affected properties to document and take photos of all damages and submit a claim form to Pittsfield Charter Township along with photos and any other documentation. Completed forms, photos, and all other documentation should be submitted to

MDHHS Emergency Relief Assistance

Low-income residents affected by recent flooding in Michigan may be eligible for emergency relief assistance through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). The State Emergency Relief program provides immediate help to families and individuals facing conditions of extreme hardship or for emergencies that threaten health and safety. It is available to eligible residents that need help with home repairs necessary to correct unsafe conditions and restore essential services. Applicants must be the owner or purchaser of the home and meet other eligibility requirements - including income limits - to qualify.

More information is available from the MDHHS by viewing the press release in it's entirety.

Report Damage to Your Home

As part of the request for a State declaration, Washtenaw County needs to collect as much information as possible about the extent of damage that has occurred in our community. Residents are encouraged to self-report damage to their home as a result of recent storms. County employees will use this information to prioritize areas for formal damage assessments as they continue to work with the State of Michigan to pursue additional resources. 


Q. What should we do if we have water backed up in our basement?  
A. If you are experiencing a backup please contact the Utilities Department immediately at 734.822.3105 or call 734.822.2107 after hours. Do not attempt to stop the flow of water back up through the floor drain. Added obstruction could cause serious damage to your household drainage system.

Q. Why did the sanitary sewer back up?
A. A large amount of rainwater overwhelmed the sanitary sewer. Stormwater should drain away from the home and into a stormwater drainage area, not into the sanitary sewer.

Q. How do I file a claim?
A. Please take inventory including photos of all damaged items in and around your home for your records/insurance needs. You will then need to contact your homeowners' insurance and file a claim. A claim also needs to be filed with Pittsfield Charter Township and can be accessed online at: Completed forms, photos, and all other documentation should be submitted to

Q. Who manages stormwater in my neighborhood?
A. The storm drains are maintained by the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner's Office. If you see an issue with a County Drain, please contact them at 734.222.6860 or report the issue online at:

Q. My yard is flooded who do I call?
A. Residents should call 911 to report a flooding emergency. All non-emergency issues including flooding and street drainage blockages should be reported to the Water Resource Commissioner's Office by phone at 734.222.6860 or by email at

Q. Is the water in my basement clean? How do I properly clean it up?
A. Flood water can contain hazardous materials including backups from the sanitary sewer, chemicals, and pollutants. Clean-up and drying should occur as quickly as possible to minimize mold and the risk of additional problems. Here are some recommended steps to take when dealing with a flooded basement:

  1. Turn off the power before entering the basement. If you aren't able to access the circuit breaker, contact a qualified electrician. Do not use any electrical equipment while standing in water. Unplug all electrical appliances.
  2. Protect yourself: Flood water can contain hazardous materials, including raw sewage, chemicals, and pollutants. Use protective clothing including waterproof boots, plastic or rubber gloves, protective eyewear, and a face mask when handling floodwaters. Keep children and animals out of the affected areas.
  3. Remove the water and dry out the basement using a wet/dry vacuum or sump pump and use fans or a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture and prevent mold. Do not use heat to dry out enclosed areas to avoid creating mildew and further damage.
  4. Move any wet items out of the basement including wet carpeting, drywall, and insulation. Discard or properly wash and disinfect all toys, clothing, furniture, and other contaminated objects.
  5. Clean and sanitize walls, floor, and other surfaces.
  6. Consider taking extra steps to waterproof your basement for the future.

Q. How do I schedule a bulk pickup for items affected by flooding?
A. Please contact the Utilities Department at 734.822.3105 regarding any bulk pick-up needs related to flooding.


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