Why support the Farmers Market?
The Farmers Market mission is to 1) strengthen and support local and regional food and agricultural businesses, 2) increase healthy and wholesome food access, and 3) promote community interaction. Over 8,700 guests attended the Market to support our local growers, food producers and artisans in 2017.

Support of the Market has established free programs including: bimonthly healthy cooking demonstrations, live music, Master Gardener consultations, an artisan showcase, and weekly kids’ activities. Partnerships with local institutions such as the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra and Leslie Science and Nature Center added interactive family programming. These free activities educate consumers about healthy food preparation and sustainable gardening practices, promote Michigan agriculture, and encourage community engagement.

We look forward to working with you this year to continue to grow a successful market, while helping the economy thrive and being a friend to the earth.

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1. Why support the Farmers Market?
2. How often is the Market held?
3. Do you accept EBT and P-EBT?
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