What about security concerns?
Security concerns are currently being reviewed by the Planning Department and the Department of Public Safety.

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1. Why is the pathway on the east side of the road?
2. Is there any airport impact?
3. Why not just widen the shoulders?
4. Why not sidewalks instead?
5. Was there a study conducted concerning number of users?
6. Are township tree mitigation funds available?
7. What about security concerns?
8. Who will handle trash and maintenance?
9. Will the pathway protect road expansion?
10. What are the locations of the future paths per the master plan?
11. Why wasn't Maple Road chosen for the pathway?
12. The Platt Road Greenway is close to some houses, have you had any complaints?
13. What are the differences between easements versus right-of-way?
14. What are the funding sources and their amounts for the pathway?
15. What is the easement acquisition process?
16. What about walls, trees, and screening options?
17. Who has liability?
18. Will there be another meeting in the future?
19. Was a use study conducted?
20. What are the utility impacts?
21. Why is the pathway on the south side of Textile Road instead of on the north side of Textile Road from Lohr Road to the Saline Recreation Center?