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In the beginning of 2016, Pittsfield Charter Township unveiled a new line of informational brochures on a variety of topics including respecting multi-modal traffic, deer safety and protecting water quality. The aim, as always, is to provide information and platforms that keep our residents and stakeholders engaged so they may partner with us to promote a better quality of life for all in Pittsfield. These are yet another example of our commitment to setting the Gold Standard in Public Service and promoting sustainable solutions in our community.

after the storm
Eco Friendly Living:
After the Storm
fog safety
Eco Friendly Living:
FOG Safety
native landscaping
Eco Friendly Living:
Native Landscaping
natural lawn care
Eco Friendly Living:
Natural Lawn Care

Living with Urban Wildlife:
deer crossing safety
Living with Urban Wildlife:
Deer Crossing Safety

crime prevention
Public Safety:
Crime Prevention Tips
road safety tips
Public Safety:
Road Safety Tips
Public Safety:
SEMCOG Road Safety Tips

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